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Youth Self-Defense & Empowerment
Tuesday & Thursday's at 5


Yes....and No. Children are taught a youth version of JunsaKwon, a system of martial arts specifically designed to teach them self-defense. This is a full training program. After your child has completed every phase and able to demonstrate the techniques in a physical exam, the child may be awarded a JUNIOR Blackbelt. This allows them to move into the adult class and begin the preparation for the JSK Blackbelt. The student must be at least 16 years old before they are eligible to test. 


What Is The Main Goal of the Youth Program?

One Word: ESCAPE!

The overall purpose of this program is to teach children about the possibility of potentially dangerous situations and how to escape from them. First teaching a wide variety of techniques that include kicks, hand strikes, joint manipulation and ground grappling. During the process of this training the youth is run through a series of simulations with adult instructors to test their knowledge of their new acquired skills.


Why Train in the martial arts?

Martial Arts training will help them develop honor, discipline, and dignity, courtesy and respect, both for themselves and others. Learning the Martial Arts has helped many children succeed at home; in school; and in life.


Self-Defense vs. Sport Martial Arts

Please consider that although those items mentioned above serve to enhance the quality of our children's personality, many can be obtained elsewhere. ONLY through the martial arts can self-defense be employed. Ultimately this should be the goal of all martial arts institutions. Many martial arts organizations teach sports and not true self-defense or they teach some form of self-defense along with the stronger emphasis on sports. The martial arts training that is offered here at DTI is not a sport nor is it taught as one.

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