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Police Combatives



Combatives is generally a military or police term used to describe engaging the opponent in a fight scenario, whether it be a hand-to-hand or weapons conflict. The difference between self-defense & combatives is that self-defense is reactionary and escape can often be an option. In combatives, even when reactionary, once engaged, the defender has no option of escape as the response to the fight may be necessary to accomplish the mission or objective. 

Another important point that should be noted when describing either military or police combatives is the Rules of Engagement. The military and police are governed by a set of rules and policies that dictate their behavior in a physical confrontation. These rules do not apply in a self-defense situation and they definitely do not apply to the attacker/offender. Therefore your training must be at a level that can control and subdue an opponent while being limited to what you are allowed to do. Not an easy task and one that should be avoided if you’re troubled with conflict or have no desire to train at the level that is required for you to perform your job affectively.

This is not a sport! There are no "tap outs" and no referies. Remember, in both combatives & self-defense, you must be mentaly, physically and emotionally prepared for the confrontation.

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Kane County Sheriff's Grappling Club 

The training provided by the Kane County Sheriffs Office Defensive Tactics program is  a combination of three distinct systems of fighting & defense. The first and the core of the system is JSK's Defensive Fundamentals & Tactics program followed by Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) & Jiu-Jitsu. The training incorporates striking, grappling and weapons defense. This is not a quick certification program, it is designed as an on-going training program for all members of the sheriff's office that are interesting in raising their standards and defensive capabilities.

Schedule: Monday 5pm & Saturday 9am DTI



If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to reach out.


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