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Members Daily Lessons

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June 11- 13 (Tuesday - Thursday)

GROUP: Tuesday

Boxing: Jab - Cross - Hook 

Kicking: Roundhouse - Neck Tie Clinch - Knee Strikes 

WHITE BELT: Lesson 11: Response from a Lapel / Shoulder Grab

(Yellow Belt Requirements) 

  • Downward Elbow

  • Major Outer Leg Reap

  • Butterfly (Transitional Training) 

  • Combination Drill


YELLOW BELT: Lesson 14: Defensive Response from a shoulder, neck or lapel grab

(Blue Belt Requirements)

Elbow Roll Lock

  • Cross grab under the opponent's elbow and draw it toward your opposite rib

  • Reach toward the back and takedown

Against the Wall

  • Take control of the back of the opponent's head and turn it toward the wall. 

  • Pivot and put the attacker into the wall and then down to the ground.

Level II: Follow-up with a Guillotine Choke

BLUE BELTS: Lesson 1: Counter Grabs - REVIEW

(Red Belt Requirements)

  • Scissors Sweep Takedown

  • Major Hip Throw

RED BELT: Lesson 13 - Guard Control I

(Brown Belt Requirements) 

  1. Lapel Grab - Omoplata 

    • Standard 

    • Wrist Control

  2. Shoulder Grab - Straight Armbar

  3. Elbow Control - Downward Wrist Lock 

  4. Kimura


BROWN BELT: Lesson 9 - Defense Patterns: Wrist Control 1-5

(Brown/Black Belt Requirements) ​​​

  1. Upward 

  2. Downward

  3. Inside 

  4. Outside 

  5. Double Hand Grab: Conservative Response 

    • Aggressive Response

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June 11-13 (Tue -Thu)

  1. Boxing Drills

  2. Shield Entry - Neck Tie Clinch

  3. Sprawling Defense + Follow-Up 

Skill Training Formula

  • Indicator

  • Response 

  • Opponents Counter 

  • Counter Defense

  • Drill

  • Pressure Test 

Does your training account for? 

  • Environment 

  • Clothing (Gi/NoGi) 

  • Weapons

  • Striking 

Are you pressure testing your skills? 

"Pain Is Temporary. Quitting Last Forever."


If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to reach out.


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