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Combatives * Ground Fighting * Weapons

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Ground Fighting is an essential component of DTI self-defense training and is crucial for advancement. It's important not to ignore the value of the ground as it can be a great equalizer. When forced to take an attacker to the ground, their ability to utilize their full power can become limited, allowing an individual with proper training to defend themselves effectively.

Our ground fighting program is unique in that it is heavily influenced by Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling, as well as Police Combatives. While it may resemble jiu-jitsu, the focus is on self-defense and all that it entails. Our program emphasizes getting back to your feet and efficiently removing yourself from the situation, rather than attempting to position yourself for a submission. Additionally, our training curriculum includes weapons defenses and striking.

When engaging in combat, it's important to keep in mind that your opponent may resort to unorthodox tactics such as biting, gouging, and other types of strikes. To avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to these attacks, it's crucial to stay alert and focused on your technique. Remember that your ability to execute technical skills may be compromised when under attack, so it's important to stay on guard at all times.
Additionally, does the training you are receiving on the mat translate to the street? Will it work in a variety of environments outside of the training hall?  

Pressure Test Your skill
The training method for this skill involves starting with a cooperative partner (uke) and gradually increasing the level of resistance as the student's skill improves. The student will then learn to apply the technique to various positions. 

Sparring is an essential component of martial arts training and helps to improve the students skills and confidence. It allows them to test their knowledge of specific techniques in a safe and controlled environment. By regularly sparring, students can develop their reflexes, timing, and overall fighting ability.

Grappling Club: Saturdays at 0900 and Mondays at 1800

Every class will finish with some sparring which may include soft rolls, positional control, weapons control, “back to back”, taparia and submission sparring. 
Are you looking to improve your physical combat skills and prepare for a potential street confrontation? Our training class is designed to help you step up your game and pressure test your abilities. 
This class is designed to complement the training drills and techniques taught in JSK. It is important to note that this class does not replace the JSK training, but rather enhances the skills learned there. 

"The only way to see if you can swim, is to get in the water"

Carlson Gracie, Jr. 

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