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Rua Defesa

Weapons / Self-Defense / Combatives 

Grappling is a component of DTI self-defense training and is necessary for advancement. You cannot train and ignore the value of the ground fight, the ground is a great equalizer. The attackers ability to utilize their full power can become limited when you are forced to take them to the ground. A smaller individual, with the proper training, can defend themselves utilizing the ground as an ally.
Our grappling program is heavily influenced by jiu-jitsu, wrestling and hapkido. Although it may resemble jiu-jitsu, the principle philosophy is different in that the focus is Rua Defesa (self-defense). In our Grappling program you are attempting to reposition yourself for proper defense and, if possible, get back to a standing position with the option to either continue to engage the attacker or withdraw.  
Rua Defesa
The goal is 100% Rua Defesa aka Street Self-Defense. While grappling you should maintain a mindset that your opponent may have various unorthodox ways of fighting which may include biting, clamping, gouging and classic strikes of all varieties. Never leave yourself open for that type of attack, your ability to recall technical skill is minimized after receiving multiple strikes.
Additionally, does the training you are doing on the mat translate to the street? Will it work in a variety of environments outside of the academy?  

Vet Your skill
The student begins by first learning a skill with a cooperative partner (uke), as the skill improves the partner will raise their level of resistance. The student then learns to apply the technique from a variety of positions. 

Sparring raises the confidence and skill of the student while testing their knowledge of a particular technique. 
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