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Trainer: Dr. Desiree Acosta PT, DPT, CFT.

Desi became a member of the DTI family in 2004 at the age of 14. She received blackbelt's in both JunSaKwan Hapkido and Guazabara in 2010 and also enjoys being an instructor for the kids classes.

Dr. Acosta graduated with a bachelors in Health Sciences in 2012 and went on to earn on a doctorate in physical therapy from NIU in 2016. She is now a licensed physical therapist working out of Anodyne Health & Wellness Solutions, Aurora IL. Most recently, she also became an affiliate of the Illinois Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA) as a certified personal trainer working out of DTI. She is proud that her career and ambitions have brought her back to the Defense Training Institute where her passion for health and personal wellness started.


“Your only limit is you!” -Desi

About Our Program

Combat Conditioning: 

Having the ability to conduct certain skills while under physical stress and exhaustion is combat conditioning. This is the type of fitness and mental toughness required to be successful in most sports, martial arts, the military or law enforcement.


Fast paced circuit training that changes weekly. Boxing, striking drills or Kettle bells...the drills are designed to help in conditioning your body and prepare you for conflict.


Impact Training

Looking to lose weight, gain strength and stabilization, and improve your overall cardiovascular health? Warrior Fit circuits are now available for you! As the pilot program of Warrior Fitness, circuits are set up in a manner that allows individuals of all ages and fitness levels to exercise at their own pace and intensity to allow for maximum efficiency and safety throughout the workout. Lasting about 45-60 minutes, each session consists of 3 essential components: muscular strengthening, core stabilization, and cardiovascular conditioning.