No Youth Hapkido Tonight

Thursday, July 29

Champions praise, losers criticize. 
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In Search of the Warrior Podcast

On the day you depart from this world, will others say that it is a better place now then when you arrived? What do you think? I pose this question to my students and I ask you the same. Utilize the martial arts or any specialty that you're passionate about as a platform for doing good and helping others. Everyone is looking for a hero, this could be your opportunity . 

I have spent my life training others to defend themselves, but life is more than just about fighting, we must also train to live the best lives that we can. I can train you to survive, but I would rather train you to win. To survive is not the same as winning and losing without learning is the only true loss. Life is the great challenge, compete and win as if you were in the dojo every day.  -Edgardo Perez




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