HAPKIDO is a Korean martial art known as "The Way of Coordinated Power and Spirit". It was founded by Choi Yong Sool (1904-1986). “Hap” is harmony or coordinated, “Ki” denotes the essence of power/energy/spirit and “Do” means the way/path/method. Hapkido is a modern blend of Korean kicking, striking and weapons systems of Tae Kyun (Ancient Korean Martial Art) and the grappling and joint locking techniques of Japanese Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu (developed through Chin’na which evolved from the ch’aun fa of Shaolin).


Choi had learned Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu from its headmaster Sokaku Takeda while living in Japan from 1915 to 1945. The system consists of kicks, punches and a variety of throwing, grappling, joint locks and joint breaks. Every method of attack is studied, along with corresponding defensive responses. The student learns how to analyze a threatening situation quickly and, if necessary, to utilize the appropriate self-defense technique. Strikes and kicks are similar to those of Karate and Tae Kwon Do, but are more target specific in that they are aimed at vital spots on the human body. The grappling and throwing techniques in Hapkido are similar to those in Judo and Jiu-jitsu, the joint locks strongly resemble and are most likely related to Shaolin Chin'Na Fa.

The Junsa System (JunSaKwan) was founded by Grandmaster Edgardo Perez, it is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self-protection that includes an extensive variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, grappling & weapons training. The result is a practical, comprehensive Self-Defense system that's dynamic in its intensity while following the original Hapkido water principle of constant forward momentum. JunsaKwan concepts are based on scientific principles of anatomy, combat tactics, police combatives, ground fighting and strategy while also giving respect to the philosophies of ancient warrior traditions. The emphasis is on redirecting the assailants’ aggression and power back toward them with little effort and minimum force on your part, this is done by causing the mind, body and spirit to work as one, this action is the true essence of coordinated power  also known as Hapkido which is the root of JunsaKwan, The Warriors School. 



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World Guazabara Federation)


Grandmaster Edgardo Perez, KJN. Chief Master Instructor

Master/Tekina Bill Guralnick, SBN. Full Inst.-Guazabara & Hapkido 5th Dan

Mr. James Gellner, SBN. Hapkido 3rd Dan

Tekina Efrain Valentin, Full Inst. Guazabara & Ground Grappling Coach

Tekina Sabrina Aiello, SBN. Full Inst.-Guazabara & Hapkido 2nd Dan

Tekina Marc A. Arriaga, SBN. Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 1st Dan



Mr. James Gellner, SBN. Hapkido 3rd Dan

Tekina Desiree Perez, SBN. - Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 1st Dan

Mr. Glenn Autenrieth, KSN. Hapkido 1st Dan

Mr. Alex Guralnick, KSN. Youth Hapkido 

Mr. Rudolf "RJ" Viereckl, Jr. KSN. Youth Hapkido

Ms. Veronica L. Perez, KSN. Youth Hapkido

Mr. Enrique E. Perez, KSN. Youth Hapkido

Ms. Lexi Elias, KSN Youth Hapkido

Ms. Ashley Neuendorf, KSN Youth Hapkido

Ms. Alexis Hodges, KSN Youth Hapkido

Mr. Timothy Benz, KSN. Youth Hapkido

Tekina Sabrina Aiello, SBN. Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 2nd Dan

Tekina Marc A. Arriaga, SBN. Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 1st Dan

Ms. Angelina J. Ariola, KSN. Youth Hapkido





Tekina David Ventura, CSN-Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 3rd Dan

Tekina Meghan Ventura, CSN-Full Inst. Guazabara & Hapkido 3rd Dan



Ms. Ella Ventura, KSN. Youth Hapkido

Tekina Scott Smasal, Full Inst. Guazabara

Tekina Emma Jane Smasal, Full Inst. Guazabara

Tekina Stafford A. Conway, Full Inst. Guazabara

Tekina Wendy Conway, Full Inst. Guazabara

Ms. Kylie J. Hutton, KSN Youth Hapkido

Mr. Darrel D. Chard, SBN Hapkido

Mr. Andrew Halberg, KSN Youth Hapkido

Ms. Natasha Zavodny, KSN Youth Hapkido

Mr. Angel Mantchev, SBN Hapkido

Ms. Sophia Miller, KSN Youth Hapkido

Jennifer Irvine, SBN Hapkido

Tekina Vanessa Pulsipher, Full Inst. Guazabara

Ms. Sydnee Linnane, SBN Hapkido

Hapkido-Founder, Dojunim Choi Young Sool (alternative spelling Choi Yong-sul) was the founder of the martial art Hapkido. He was born in today's Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, and was taken to Japan during the Japanese occupation of Korea when he was eight years old. ALL Hapkido "Kwans", instructors, black belts, and students owe this man their gratitude, his training and vision is why Hapkido exist today.


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